About ProfileGeek

What do you get when you put a bunch of sports fans and computer geeks in the same room? Apart from a peculiar scent, you get ProfileGeek.

We're a team of computer geeks who happen to really love sports. That means we love sifting through statistical data about our favorite athletes and teams. But we know many sports fans want up-to-the-minute stats without suffering through the information overload of enormous spreadsheets.

The geeks at ProfileGeek have spent months happily immersed in stats and crunching numbers so you don't have to. We've transformed ugly spreadsheets and algorithms into visual, interactive and engaging athlete profiles.

The result is ProfileGeek.com: All the stats you want, none of the pain.

Our technology compiles, interprets and repackages huge amounts of sports statistics into clean, attractive profile pages. Like Wikipedia, but way fresher.

We've started in the world of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), because it's a fast-growing sport with a bazillion athletes, fights and stats. But we're not going to stop there. We want to branch out into every other major sport. We're salivating at the thought of all those juicy stats. Stay tuned for big things to come.

Got any suggestions for our next move? Any profiles you'd love to see?

Shoot us a line. We're listening.


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